Justin Aldi, Managing Partner

Justin Aldi, Managing PartnerJustin Aldi is a nationally recognized mortgage industry expert with more than twelve years experience as CEO of a top-ten residential and commercial mortgage bank, handling fundings of over $1 billion per year.

A licensed mortgage lender in residential and commercial real estate since 1997, Mr. Aldi has hands-on experience with all levels of the mortgage process from front-end origination to long term servicing. He has been featured in numerous financial publications, including Fortune Magazine, the New York Times, Smart Business Magazine, Broker Banker Magazine, and National Mortgage Broker Magazine.

Mr. Aldi's insight and low level of risk tolerance allow him to direct investors' funds to safe and secure deals. He has a startling yet simple recipe for success: "Honesty, dedication to our clients, and good old-fashioned hard work."

He currently lives in Carmel with his wife and twins. In his spare time, he collects vintage cars and trucks and is an active member of several car clubs and museums.

Contact Justin at 831-920-6600 or via e-mail at justin@hcsequity.com

Jordan Must, Managing Partner

Jordan Must, Managing PartnerAs co-founder of HCS Equity, Jordan Must has been a successful private money investor for nearly a decade. He is well known in the mortgage industry, having run the banking divisions for two large financial institutions.

A certified FHA underwriter, his background in risk management and underwriting contributes to his expertise in determining loan viability, valuations, borrower risk factors and fraud. Since 2005, Mr. Must has overseen mortgage transactions totaling more than $3 billion.

He strongly believes in two key rules when it comes to investing:

  • Rule 1 – "Don't lose money."
  • Rule 2 – "Never forget Rule 1"

This focus on asset preservation and steady returns carries over to HCS Equity’s underwriting mentality.

Mr. Must, a graduate of UCLA, currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys playing basketball, reading economic history and theory, and collecting mechanical watches.

Contact Jordan at 818-581-5792 or jordan@hcsequity.com.