frequently asked questions for borrowers

How is HCS Equity different from a traditional mortgage lender?

HCS Equity specializes in private equity lending. Due to the current restrictions on available credit, many qualified borrowers cannot fit into the few conventional loan programs offered by Fannie Mae or the Federal Housing Administration. We offer an equity-based, common sense approach to underwriting and loan approval.

What types of properties do you lend on?

HCS Equity lends on commercial properties, mixed-use, apartment buildings, and non-owner occupied residential property. HCS Equity is also an expert in funding business purpose loans, for self-employed borrowers who wish to use their equity in an owner-occupied residence.

What are the rates and terms?

Each individual scenario is different, but most loan programs are based on interest-only payments with a rate between 8 and 12%. We can fully customize all aspects of the loan terms to suit a borrower's needs.

What paperwork is required to get started?

HCS Equity's loan programs have significantly reduced documentation requirements compared to conventional lending. We generally do not require tax returns, profit and loss statements, or income documentation.

How quickly can the loan be approved and funded?

With our streamlined approval process and common-sense approach to underwriting, HCS Equity can often fund a loan in just a couple days. The majority of our transactions are completed in less than 10 days.

How can I apply?

Please contact us at 877.427.9820 to speak directly to an Account Executive.