information for investors

HCS Equity is a private equity lending company whose goal is to provide low-risk real estate investment opportunities with an above average rate of return.

Commitment to Protection and Growth

HCS Equity’s founders have extensive experience in risk management and property assessment. The focus of the firm is on asset preservation and steady, long-term returns. The company adheres to conservative and proven lending techniques through a process of extensive research, diligent underwriting, and partnering with trusted industry associates. HCS Equity locates and evaluates transactions with solid investment potential for sophisticated investors.

    • Historically, real estate investments yield substantially higher rates of return compared to other low-risk investments.

    • HCS Equity does not take possession of the note or deed. Individual Investors or their entities are recorded on all deeds as the direct beneficiary of the lien.

    • HCS Equity is not a holding company, and never directly controls the Investor's funds. HCS Equity offers transparent trust accounting through third-party note servicing.

    • Managing Partners are active participants in transactions originated through HCS Equity.

    • Different opportunities are offered to suit varying participation levels. An investor can share in a fractionized loan or own an entire note. *

    • Investments can be held by trusts, LLC’s, corporations, individuals, or retirement accounts. **

Funding Your Investment

In addition to traditional methods, many Investors enjoy tax-free returns by holding the trust deed inside self-directed retirement accounts*, which can be funded either by rollover from an existing custodian account or with new assets. Monthly payments are forwarded directly into the Investor’s account, and interest accumulates without incurring tax penalties or early withdrawal fees.

* See Frequently Asked Questions

** Please consult with tax professional to ensure eligibility.