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HCS Equity is a direct lender offering bridge loans to assist with short-term capital needs. A bridge loan, which maybe known as a gap loan, swing loan, bridge mortgage, or interim financing is an easy solution to assist with the purchase of new commercial or investment residential property when an existing property is not yet sold. Borrowers can use the equity in both properties to provide an option to close the purchase with little to no money down and compete with cash offers. Bridge loans take as little as 10 business day to close and will allow you to close the new transaction before selling the current property.

A bridge loan will allow you the time to market and sell the existing property in an orderly fashion, and not be pressured to liquidate at a below market price. HCS Equity loans have no prepayment penalty nor any minimum months of interest due, making them a perfect solution to your capital needs.

Bridge loans can be secured against properties currently listed for sale or in escrow. Credit and income are not a factor, and appraisals are not typically required. Either property can be in substandard condition which may preclude conventional financing until the property is improved or rented out. A gap loan or bridge loan also allows you to make an offer non-contingent on the sale of the existing property, which helps improve your chances of getting your offer accepted.

Additional Benefits Include

  • Allows time to market and sell the listed property in organized fashion, and without having to take below market offers
  • Avoid having to move into temporary housing
  • Ability to capture a new purchase with a quick escrow and secure a possible discount
  • Close on a property that is not in condition to obtain a traditional loan
  • Confidently make an offer without any contingencies for the sale of an existing property


Can the loan be repaid anytime?2022-10-11T15:46:10+00:00

Yes, our loans have no prepayment penalty or minimum interest due, so the loan can be repaid in full anytime.

Are appraisals needed for either property?2022-10-11T15:46:36+00:00

In most cases, appraisals are not needed on either property. HCS will do an internal evaluation of the properties at no charge to determine if full inspections are required. By waiving the appraisals requirements in most situations it will allow the transaction to close more quickly.

How much time does it take to close a bridge loan?2022-10-11T15:46:54+00:00

Our loans can close in as little at 7 business days or less.

Do I have to show income docs such as tax returns or bank statements?2022-10-11T15:47:15+00:00

No, HCS approves loans based on the equity in the property and income from each property.

Does my credit score matter?2022-10-11T15:47:31+00:00

Credit is one of the many factors HSC uses to approve a file, but low credit scores are not a deal breaker.

Do the properties have to be in the same county?2022-10-11T15:47:46+00:00

No, properties can be anywhere in CA.

Can the departing property have an existing lien?2022-10-11T15:48:04+00:00

Yes, we can leave the existing first alone if there is sufficient equity available.

Can I have different types of property involved?2022-10-11T15:48:22+00:00

Yes, we can use all types of properties such as single family homes, mixed use, commercial and apartment buildings.

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