Short-Term Capital for Trust and Estate Attorney Clients

HCS Equity is a private money lender in California. We work directly with attorneys of trusts and estates to negotiate short-term loans for their clients.

Attorneys often encounter significant issues when administering a trust or estate in probate that lacks liquid funds. HCS can provide the short term capital required to assist with the following situations:

  • Equalization of an estate via a non-pro rata distribution under Proposition 19/58/193 by providing capital to an irrevocable trust or estate in probate.
  • Settling expenses such as property maintenance, insurance or evictions when there is little or no cash during a lengthy administration or probate process.
  • Paying legal fees and court costs.
  • Paying off a reverse mortgage to provide time for the property can be distributed or disposed of in an orderly fashion.
  • Providing funds for an incapacitated client that wishes to stay in the home.
  • Ability to provide private capital to business owners to settle debts, pay taxes or expand their businesses.

The partners of HCS have been involved in the legal field for the past 20 years providing capital throughout California. As active members of several regional Bar Associations the principals are intimately familiar with the needs and challenges encountered within the legal community.

Obtaining real estate financing at competitive rates and with a quick turnaround is possible with HCS Equity.

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Private Loan Process

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