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Location: Mountain View, CA
Funded: $2,101,000
Private Loan Type: Bridge Loan

bridge loan lot split sale

Deal Highlights:

  • Large parcel in the heart of town was to be split and one parcel sold to the city

  • The owner’s needed funds to relocate a historic home from one side of the lot to the other

Deal Summary:

The subject property was held in an irrevocable trust, and the trustee approached our firm about financing options to help cover the expense of moving their family home a few hundred feet and splitting the lot, so they could complete their sale transaction with the city. We ended up providing three rounds of financing over two years. Once all the necessary work was completed, the land sale transaction with the city was completed, and our bridge loan was repaid.

Deal Details:

  • Property Type – Single-Family

  • Lien Position – First Mortgage

  • Loan-to-Value – 45%

  • Loan Term – 24 months

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