Trustees, executors, administrators, private fiduciaries, and estate and trust attorneys routinely encounter problems when administering cash-poor trusts, estates or probates after someone passes away. These problems include how to equalize and distribute assets between children so that everyone gets an equal share; how to pay expenses when there is little or no cash in the estate; how to pay off a reverse mortgage that a parent or grandparent has taken out on the home; or how to structure the trust or estate administration so that one beneficiary receives real property while ensuring that the other beneficiaries receive an equal share. Often, there is too little cash in the estate to achieve these goals, and the trustee or executor is forced to sell real property assets in the course of the trust or estate administration in order to raise the money needed. HCS Equity provides private 3rd party loans to create necessary liquidity to retain the applicable property tax exemptions, and can do so in a fraction of the time it takes to prep and sell a property.